Undone in Sorrow is….

Katelyn Kimmons (voice and banjo)  Susan Sullivan (guitar and fiddle) and Max Lopez (voice, guitar, mandolin, bass).


born and raised in West Virginia, grew up in a house filled with old time music.  Her parents are both a capella singers and many of the ballads she sings today were learned from her mother.  She learned to play banjo from Carrie Norris, granddaughter of Lily May Ledford.


first heard old time music at a jam in O’Donoghue’s bar in New York, while on vacation from her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Papua New Guinea.  She instantly knew what she wanted to do, and returned to New Guinea with a fiddle and a few tapes – which she rewound and rewound and rewound…


has played traditional music of various kinds since he was a teenager in Berkshire Hills of the tri -state area of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Max is a longterm employee of Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center in Berkeley where he has been immersed with traditional musicians of all walks.


Undone in Sorrow met as contributors to the Bay Area Old Time collective The Clementine String Band, a larger form ensemble which hosts jam tents at summer festivals, parties, and local dances in the tradition of Round Peak music. As a trio the group focuses on old time ballads, songs and fiddle tunes from throughout the Appalachians. As a small ensemble, they take special attention to arrangement that both honors and elaborates on the traditions  of Old Time Music with a special attention to narrative and rhythmic forms that make the genre unique. Most importantly, and true to the tradition, the group is primarily a group of friends who delight in any opportunity to assemble and share the music which is their passion.